Creating patient education for dentists and veterinarians had to serve B2B and B2C audiences simultaneously. The dentistry had to be medically accurate to please the dentists, and it had to be entertaining and informative enough to be understood by the patient without scaring the bejeezus out of them. Working with artists, directors, editors and dental professionals, I conceived, wrote, and produced everything here.

Ever wonder about the genesis of dental technology? Me either. The dentists, however, love this stuff, and I ended up being impressed by it, too. This is one of a series.

Horses need a lot of love. We created a series of six videos with basic information on horse health. A veterinarian wrote about the procedures, I turned it into conversational English, and brought all production in-house.

Most dentists think lip rings and tongue studs are terrrrribbbble ideas, but they know that people will get them anyway. And they wanted them to be smart about it. This may be a little graphic for some, but it stopped at least one kid I know from getting pierced.